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Acu-ease Weight Loss System

The Acu-ease Weight Loss System targets the real issues behind weight gain whether they are metabolic, emotional, dietary or behavioural.




Correct underlying digestive weakness that led to weight gain.    Improves nutrient and fluid absorption in your body which reduces appetite and fluid retention.
Boost metabolic function by addressing hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity and imbalances in the meridian system.    Facilitates weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy weight throughout life.
Resolve the psychological and emotional elements of weight gain.    Eliminates overeating, reduces stress and builds your confidence, body image and self-esteem.
Resolve addictive and habituated behavioural patterns that led to weight gain.    Changes learned behaviours in relation to food and gives you greater choice and control over your health.
Make informed dietary changes based on careful metabolic profiling, blood tests and ongoing assessment.    Enables you to discover the foods that cause you, as an individual, to lose and gain weight.

Acceptance into the Program

To be accepted into the program, you will need to undergo a thorough initial assessment to determine which elements of the Acu-ease Weight Loss System are relevant to you. You will also be asked to provide blood tests to enable us to eliminate any medical risk factors which may preclude you from the program. The standard blood screen can be requested from your Medical Practitioner. Please bring results from a Fasting Glucose, Fasting Lipid, Thyroid, FBC (Full Blood Count), UEC (Urea, Electrolytes and Creatinine) and LFT (Liver Function Tests) to your pre-assessment interview.
Your registered Acupuncturist may also require you to have salivary hormone testing and/or hair mineral analysis to identify underlying hormonal or heavy metal toxicity problems which may be negatively affecting your ability to lose weight.

More information

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