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About Us

Acu-ease is dedicated to supporting the health of Australian women and their families. We provide a unique, integrated health service, offering a range of integrated natural therapies including:

  •     Acupuncture
  •     Functional and Integrative Medicine
  •     Nutrition and Weight Loss
  •     Chinese Nutritionals
  •     Muscle and Joint Therapy
  •     Management of Heavy Metal Toxicity
  •     Oriental Counselling
  •     Life Coaching
  •     Hypnosis

What you can expect when you come to see us

Acupuncture Consultations

At Acu-ease you won’t be treated like a textbook case. Every person is unique, and so are the constitutional, environmental, psychological and psycho-social demands that impact on them. It is our job to thoroughly investigate what is going on for you at all these levels, and to see how they interlink, so that we can design a therapy program that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Our treatment protocol includes:

  •     An initial assessment to determine specifically what is going on for you
  •     A clear prognosis of your condition and how long it will take to find resolution
  •     An individual therapy plan that takes into account your lifestyle.

After your initial assessment your Registered Acupuncturist will give you an individual therapy plan advising the duration and frequency of treatment. A standard course of therapy to alleviate the symptoms of simple complaints is approximately 6 to 12 weeks, with therapy being more frequent initially.

Integrative Medicine Consultations

Initial Consult

In the initial consult you are introduced to the Functional Medicine framework. You will be asked to share your medical history and general history so we can build a thorough understanding of your current condition, your symptoms, your concerns and clarify your goals and motivations. We tailor our approach to respect all ages, cultures and belief systems to provide a safe and supportive environment.
You will be asked to bring to your consult any recent medical records and may be asked to complete selected health questionnaires.

Specific pathology tests are commonly recommended to investigate further markers for underlying clinical and preclinical observations and body burdens.
The practitioner will provide initial assessment and recommendations.

Follow-Up Consult
In the hour long follow up you will gain clarity and insight into your condition. A detailed analysis and assessment of the current presentation, test results and clinical findings will be undertaken. Key areas identified such as diet, lifestyle, environmental factors will be further discussed and recommendations given. The treatment schedule will be discussed with any respective therapeutic formulations.

Subsequent Consults
Treatment progress is gaged in subsequent consults. Practitioners identify any issues with treatment or new manifestations in the condition. We encourage our patients to openly discuss with the practitioner any barriers they may be experiencing with treatment, as this is imperative for achieving outcomes on the individual’s healing journey. Patients are given realistic expectations and timelines for their healing recovery. It is important to remember proper healing from physical ailments is a step-wise process. Practitioners are well equipped to guide patients through the commonly confusing and complex terrain of healing.

Chronic conditions requiring multiple body systems to be repaired, also require the invaluable expertise and experience of the practitioner, to discern which area requires more focussed action to initiate, to optimise healing response.

Our mission is to provide ongoing treatment, education, motivational and behavioural support to our patients.

Patients often see improvements after the second appointment however steady and sustained improvements require a minimum 4-5 appointments and regular reviews.