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The Science Behind Acu-ease

The acupuncturists at Acu-ease are advocates of evidence-based practice in Chinese Medicine. With clear high-quality information, Acu-ease clients can make health choices that are right for them.

Chinese Medicine is a coherent, unique and holistic way of looking at health and disease that developed over thousands of years in China and provides a unique form of healthcare. It can be used as an alternative, an adjunct or a complement to other health care disciplines.

Chinese Medicine provides an energetic systems-based description of the person, where the physical, emotional, sociological, psychological and spiritual aspects are seen as interrelated, interdependent, interconnected and inseparable. Health in Chinese Medicine is based on energetic balance (yin/yang) resulting from harmony of all systems, all functions, and all relationships internal and external. The Chinese Medicine diagnostic system is based on this energetic understanding, where diagnoses are described in terms of “Patterns of Disharmony” as distinct from organic pathologies, or medical diagnosis.

Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. When you are subject to stress and or trauma, be it emotional, physical, or mental, your body adjusts to keep you functioning. This adaptive function is all about protecting you from further harm. Unfortunately, this leaves you in a maladapted state of function with reduced resilience, leading eventually to illness and/or some form of pathology.

People attend Acupuncturists for a broad range of reasons, often as a last resort when:

  • Standard medical care has not been able to diagnose a specific medical condition
  • Surgery is not an option
  • Drug side effects are too severe to manage
  • Other treatments have not worked

After years of university training and clinical experience, Acupuncturists become highly skilled in treating a great many health complaints. Unlike our western medical counterparts who focus on pathogenesis, Chinese Medicine Practitioners focus on salutogenesis, seeking to promote and maintain physical and mental well-being rather than treat medical conditions.  

In the past thirty years the body of randomised controlled trials and other scientific research into the effectiveness of acupuncture has grown and continues to grow.

Research about common things people see Acupuncturists for can be found at:
At Acu-ease we are committed to staying on top of research developments in the field of healthcare. So, if you have a query about any particular condition, please feel free to call us.