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Oriental Counselling

Oriental Counselling applies age-old principles to enhance your conscious understanding of mental and emotional states and their effects on your physical well-being.

By increasing your awareness of the connection between your body, mind and spirit, Oriental Counselling helps you to positively influence your physical and emotional state.

Oriental Counselling is born from the “Inner Tradition” of Chinese Medicine. The Inner Tradition is most explicitly concerned with the psycho-spiritual basis of illness. Physical symptoms and signs are seen as superficial manifestations underlying constitutional life lessons.

Inherent in the Inner Tradition is the expectation that as you become increasingly aware of your spiritual life lessons at a constitutional level, your physical and emotional symptoms will improve.

In Chinese Medicine this type of medicine was seen to “correspond to heaven” and “govern the nourishment of destiny”. According to China’s oldest herbal text, the Shen Nong Ben Cao “If one wishes to prolong the years without aging, one should use [the Inner Tradition]”.