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The Nature of Illness

Chinese Medicine is grounded in the Chinese medical classical texts and taught and practiced within the holistic Chinese philosophical paradigm that produced all the traditional Chinese arts and sciences.

Chinese Medicine provides an energetic systems-based description of the person, where the physical, emotional, sociological, psychological and spiritual aspects are seen as interrelated, interdependent, interconnected and inseparable.

Health in Chinese Medicine is based on energetic balance (yin/yang) resulting from harmony of all systems, all functions, and all relationships internal and external. The Chinese Medicine diagnostic system is based on this energetic understanding, where diagnoses are described in terms of “Patterns of Disharmony” as distinct from organic pathologies.

Patterns of Disharmony are energetic descriptions of the unique ways in which a person is losing their ability to maintain dynamic homeostasis (harmony between yin & yang).

Chinese Medicine treatments focus on the resolution of these “Patterns of Disharmony” by assisting the person to regain the ability to maintain dynamic homeostasis.

As Patterns of Disharmony are resolved by a course of acupuncture treatment, organic (biological), emotional and psychological symptoms of these are often also resolved as the person returns to dynamic homeostasis.

Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of health-care, it activates our inherent healing processes. Obstacles to healing, be they biological, emotional or psychological, will be addressed during therapy, which may result in therapeutic changes at those levels.


At Acu-ease our acupuncturists use a range of assessment tools to establish the nature of your ill health

Pulse diagnosis: Over 28 subtle variations in the quality of your pulse are felt in 6 different positions on each of your wrists.

Looking: Your overall appearance, demeanour and tone of voice, as well as the colour, shape and size of your tongue, provide your Registered Acupuncturist with vital information about your internal health.

Asking: By asking you questions, information is gathered about past medical history, present health, lifestyle and emotional state.

Physical examination
: Palpation of specific areas and certain acupuncture points can reveal imbalances.

Acugraphing: testing the electrical resistance at specific acupuncture points, and mathematically graphing the graded differences in charge, show precisely which meridians are imbalanced and to what degree.

Depending on your presentation, we may also recommend that you undertake a functional test, such as hair mineral analysis, salivary hormone tests, functional liver detox profile etc.

Alternatively, we may refer you to a medical practitioner or other appropriate registered health professional to determine if medical testing, such as blood tests or x-rays, is warranted. We also support you to get a second opinon. In Australia we are in a very unique position because we have access to both high quality medical care and high quality alternative medicine care. At Acu-ease we encourage our clients to make full use of both.